Quidlo Timesheets Support Center

Hangouts Room Configuration

The easiest way to configure a Timesheets for Hangouts bot in room is to mention @Timesheets in any Hangouts room. In a response Timesheets bot will provide you a configuration message visible only for you. Once you press Configure button you will be asked to sign in to Timesheets app.

NOTE: In general Quidlo Timesheets is a time tracking tool, with access to manage projects and users participating in each project and because of that only users with Project Manager role or Timesheets Organisations Admins have access to configure a Room, to avoid leaking of data beyond the projects.

After signing in to the Timesheets app as a Project Manager or Admin you will be asked to select at least one Timesheets project available in the Room and the intents that would be available inside this Room.

Intents meaning:

Finally, after finished connecting accounts process you will be redirected to blank page with confirmation that the whole process went fine, and Timesheets bot should respond you with list of available commands in the Room.