Quidlo Timesheets Support Center

Quidlo Timesheets for Slack

To install Quidlo Timesheets bot into your Slack team visit our app page , directly via  Add to Slack button, or search for Timesheets in Slack app marketplace:

Note: Only Team Admins will be able to connect the Slack app.

You will be asked to authorise bot installation in your Slack Workspace:

Once installation is completed, start Direct Message conversation with Quidlo Timesheets bot, who will respond with configuration message:

You will be asked to Sign In to Quidlo Timesheets app 

and after that you will be asked to connect your Quidlo Timesheets account:

Finally you will be redirected to Chatbot tab with list of your connected teams:

And from now you are ready to track your time with Quidlo Timesheets bot via Slack communicator:

Contact developers at hello@quidlo.com